Bana-phrionnsa a' Phoca Phàipeir

Bana-phrionnsa a&

Bana-phrionnsa a' Phoca Phàipeir

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Nuair a tha an dràgon as fiadhaiche air an t-saoghal a’ briseadh caisteal na Bana-phrionnsa Ealasaid na bhleideagan, a’ losgadh a h-uile stiall aodaich a th’ aice, agus a’ falbh leis a’ Phrionnsa Raghnall, a tha i am beachd pòsadh, tha Ealasaid a’ gabhail ghnothaichean os làimh. Gun aice ach a tonaisg fhèin, agus gun chàil a chuireas i oirre ach poca pàipeir, tha a’ bhana-phrionnsa a’ toirt dùbhlan dhan dràgon a chuid neart a shealltainn agus i an dòchas gun sàbhail i am prionnsa. Ach saoil an fhiach e na tha siud de dh’àmhghar?

The authorized Scottish Gaelic translation of the beloved Canadian classic The Paper Bag Princess in Gaelic Orthographic Conventions (GOC). When the fiercest dragon in the whole world smashes Princess Elizabeth’s castle, burns all her clothes, and captures her fiancé, Prince Ronald, Elizabeth takes matters into her own hands. With her wits alone and nothing but a paper bag to wear, the princess challenges the dragon to show his strength in the hopes of saving the prince. But is it worth all that trouble?

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